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Dembecha is a town in Dembecha woreda, western Gojam.

Recent city comments:

  • Dembecha High School, Gebeyaw molla (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    Realy it was lovely.i love it so much
  • Dembecha, mengesha temesgen (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
    all dembecha town for ilove you so muache sweet
  • Dembecha, mekuanint (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
    hi selam guy say some thing i m grow around dembecha called yezeleka pls let me know where r u i m live now vegase
  • public hall, gudfela (guest) wrote 9 years ago:
    ezi esera neber. technic kifil halafi-ketema saynor mazegaga bet
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